Oliver was the sole author of the original ETHSBell and the founder of the codETHS club which produced this software. This page will serve to record messages of thanks from the codETHS club for Oliver's contributions to the ETHS community.
Beloved son of Alexander Brown and Mary Leopold, brother to Miles Leopold, adored grandson of Ronald and Ellen Brown, Carolyn Kaplan, and Thomas and Janet Leopold. Cherished nephew of Jennifer Leopold and Steven Katz, Joanne Leopold, James Donohue and Martha Grover, Dana and Jeanne Brown, Emily and Adam Rudman, Elizabeth Kaplan, Andrew Goodwin and Sarah Heil, Elizabeth Goodwin and Fred Roberts, and beloved cousin to many. Oliver was an extraordinary person who accomplished more than seems possible in his 19 years. His passion for serving the community, seeking solutions to problems and challenging himself to reach new heights central to his essence. Oliver was a computer whiz, entrepreneur, YouTube phenom, camp counselor, published author, first responder, pep rally leader, triathlete, youngest stock trader to be interviewed on a national program, animal lover, and strict vegan who was deeply appreciated by all who knew him. He graduated early from high school so he could become an EMT on the front lines during COVID, working both on an ambulance and in an emergency room. Oliver took a gap year so he could become a paramedic and continue to be of service. In addition, he was a passionate Fire Explorer through the Evanston Fire Department and was inspired to create an App that was immediately adopted by Evanston Fire Dept. In high school, he was the voice that greeted every Evanston High School student over the loud speaker each morning and created an App that revolutionized the way students navigated their schedules. Above and beyond all his inventions and accolades, Oliver was deeply compassionate, curious, and engaged. He was a loyal and loving friend to many. He wanted so much to make the world a better place, and he most certainly did.
Willow Carlson-Huber
Thank you, Oliver, for founding the codETHS club. I didn't have any friends after I transferred, but the codETHS club gave me a place to share my interests and contribute to the ETHS community. I didn't know you very well, but you made a greater impact on my life than you might have realized. Thank you for making the best part of my high school career possible.
Albert Portnoy

Oliver was a great person to be around. I have many great memories with him. In the ChromeZone, at tech conferences, or even just working together remotely. We did lots of great work while also just enjoying ourselves and doing what we loved.

Oliver's idea to create a code club allowed for us to have an even larger impact on the school and create things that impact thousands of students every day. We also got the opportunity to share our love for programming and created a community of people with a common interest, working towards a common goal. And it allowed me to further expand my love for programming and make an impact of my own. For that, I am grateful.

When he graduated to start his work as an EMT, I continued to run the club in his absence. And I'm sure that once I graduate, there will be others who continue on the legacy. Oliver, your contributions will not be forgotten. Thank you.