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[Advanced] Click here for instructions to manually write a config file

You can make your own schedule file with a standard text editor. A schedule file should look like this, omitting content after "//".
(If you're not sure what this is, don't worry; this is only useful for advanced users. You'll be able to get by just fine with the editor above.)

	"schedule": {
		"EarlyBird": {
			"name": "Early Bird Class",
			"url": ""
		"Lunch 1": {
			"name": "Your Lunch 1",
			"url": ""
		"Lunch 2": {
			"name": "Your Lunch 2",
			"url": ""
		"Block1": {
			"name": "Your First Period Class",
			"url": ""
		"Block2": {
			"name": "Second Period Class",
			"url": ""
		"Block3": {
			"name": "Class With No Teleconferencing or Classroom Link",
			"url": undefined
		// You can also define classes that aren't present in the above menu,
		// if a special schedule is added in the future that uses them.
	"foreground_color": "#1a2741",
	"background_color": "#c34614",
	"foreground_text_color": "#ffffff",
	"background_text_color": "#ffffff",
	// This can be set to any URL, but ideally it should point to a path under our domain.
	"default_page": "/timeline",
	"include_period_name": false,